Dancers In The Dark

This is a review of the novella “Dancers In The Dark” it can be found in the anthology “Night’s Edge”.

“Dancers In The Dark” is set in the “Sookieverse” (the same world of The Sookie Stackhouse Series) but has nothing to do with Sookie.

Rue is a mysterious young woman. She is living in Rhodes, attending classes. But she needs a job. She is a great dancer, and she figures her skills would be best put to use earning her some money.

She auditions for a dance company called Blue Moon. Blue Moon is different to other dance companies; they use vampire as well as human dancers.

Sean is one such vampire. He is an old vampire, and a bit of a loner. He is curious about his new dance partner Rue. And he is sure that she has something she’s hiding. He is intrigued.

Rightly so. His dance partner’s real name is not even Rue. It’s Layla. And Layla has a big, dark secret.

I loved this novella! It is great. It is written from both main characters’ point of view. It’s set in the Sookieverse, but it’s not as frivolous (or humorous) as The Sookie Stackhouse Series. It seems to have the same flavour of Harris’ other series: The Harper Connelly Series or The Lily Bard Series, it’s a little darker. Layla has a wariness about her. She’s worldly and strong. I liked Sean too. (Swoon)

Look out for Sean and Layla in the seventh Sookie Stackhouse novel: “All Together Dead“.


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