Three Bedrooms, One Corpse

This is a review of “Three Bedrooms, One Corpse” by Charlaine Harris. It is the third novel in The Aurora Teagarden Series.

Auroroa “Roe” Teagarden is no longer a librarian. But she needs something to do with her time. So she considers becoming a Real Estate Agent in her mother’s agency, Select Realty. But in the first house she shows, there is an unexpected surprise on the second floor. The body of a dead woman is found in one of the bedrooms. The dead woman is a realtor in another firm in town and a known “hussy”. Of course the find is shocking in and of itself, but Aurora is able to continue on in life without too much distress (she is a murder buff after all).

But when another female realtor’s body is found, in another house for sale, Roe begins to see a pattern emerge. It seems her yearning for a career change has come at a dangerous time in the Realtor business.

And although Roe has been comfortably (and chastely) dating Aubrey Scott- a local priest- new man in town -Martin- really gets her blood racing. Should she continue on with the priest? Or take her chances with Martin?

And, oh yeah, who is killing these women?

Personal thoughts:
I really like Roe. I have heard that many people don’t like this series, but I love it! She is a strong woman looking for love and she knows what she wants. And not just what she wants in a man, but what she wants in life.

I thought her actions toward the end were pretty silly, but they suited her character, so were not really unexpected. And she came out all right in the end!

I love all of Charlaine Harris’ novels. She just has this knack for writing with familiarity, emotion, humour, quirk, verve and colloquialisms.


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