The Julius House

This is a review of “The Julius House” by Charlaine Harris. It is the fourth book in The Aurora Teagarden Series.

Aurora is happily enjoying engaged life. It’s something she’s been waiting for forever, and she’s so in love with her fiancé Martin Bartell. They really seem to understand one another. Aurora knows for sure she’s got “The One” when Martin purchases the perfect wedding gift. The Julius House.

The Julius House is the house of Roe’s dreams. It is exactly what she’s been looking for, and even has the added bonus of being the site of a famous missing persons (presumed murder) mystery. Roe gets on with her wedding plans, her renovations and sleuthing.

But can Roe get past Martin’s shady background? Can she get him to be honest with her? Just what sort of relationship does Martin have with the couple he’s recommended live in the above-garage apartment of their new house? And what did happen to the Julius family?

Personal thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book! More than any other in the series so far. I liked the addition of Shelby and Angel, and I enjoyed reading more about Roe and Martin. It was nice to see Roe so happy.

A lot of Sookie fans don’t like Aurora, and think that without the paranormal, life in the South is “boring” and “full of fluff”. Living in a small town myself at the moment (admittedly I am in Australia, and not the southern US) I can relate to the small-town-edness Harris describes. I can relate to Aurora having a name that’s a mouthful myself! I love reading about Southern Culture, it’s very entertaining. I enjoy Aurora Teagarden on many levels.


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