Dead Over Heels

This is a review of “Dead Over Heels” by Charlaine Harris. It is the fifth novel in The Aurora Teagarden Series. It follows on from “The Julius House“.

Aurora is happily married. She has found a new friend in Angel Youngblood (her sometime bodyguard). She has renovated her house to perfection and is generally happy in all areas of her life. Maybe a baby would be nice…

Roe is in the garden, taking turns with Angel to mow the lawn. A plane flies overhead and out falls a man. A dead man. As in a man who was already dead before he ever left the plane. The dead man is none other than Detective Jack Burns. Both Angel and Aurora have had their run ins with the detective (and you gotta admit, Roe does seem to attract dead people).

The dead detective is disturbing, no doubt about it, but other people begin to get hurt. Seriously hurt. Aurora has an inkling that someone may have an obsession with Angel. Can they find the obsessed killer before its too late?

Full of surprises, this is another great Roe Teagarden novel.


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