Worry Warts

This is a review of “Worry Warts” by Morris Gleiztman. It is the second novel in the Keith Shipley Series. It follows on from “Misery Guts“.

Keith has been living in Australia with his parents who are running a Fish & Chips Shop in far north Queensland. His best friend Tracy is bright and happy and always making everyone laugh. Keith thought that living in paradise would make his mum and dad happy. But they still seem stressed.

Keith thinks that his mum and dad are probably stressed about money problems. So he sets of on an adventure to set things to rights. Maybe if his mum and dad had money, they wouldn’t fight anymore. Keith’s get-rich-quick plan is to go opal mining.

But how to get to the opal mines? And how to strike it rich once he gets there? Will money make his parents’ problems go away? Or is there a much bigger issue going on?

A comedic and moving story about being honest with yourself and the ones you love.


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