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Worry Warts

This is a review of “Worry Warts” by Morris Gleiztman. It is the second novel in the Keith Shipley Series. It follows on from “Misery Guts“.

Keith has been living in Australia with his parents who are running a Fish & Chips Shop in far north Queensland. His best friend Tracy is bright and happy and always making everyone laugh. Keith thought that living in paradise would make his mum and dad happy. But they still seem stressed.

Keith thinks that his mum and dad are probably stressed about money problems. So he sets of on an adventure to set things to rights. Maybe if his mum and dad had money, they wouldn’t fight anymore. Keith’s get-rich-quick plan is to go opal mining.

But how to get to the opal mines? And how to strike it rich once he gets there? Will money make his parents’ problems go away? Or is there a much bigger issue going on?

A comedic and moving story about being honest with yourself and the ones you love.


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Misery Guts

This is a review of “Misery Guts” by Morris Gleiztman. It is the first novel in the Keith Shipley Series.

Keith is a young boy living in London. His parents are misery guts’. Always frowning and worried. Keith can see that they’re unhappy, and vows to cheer them up before he too is turned into a misery guts.

But what to do? Painting their Fish & Chips Shop didn’t work (even though he thought ‘Tropical Mango’ was a pretty cheerful colour). Nor did planting the bright (if slightly off) tropical fish in their freezer at work.
All his efforts do is cause his parents to explain exactly why they’re unhappy. They’ve got money problems. The shop’s got plenty of competition, and Keith’s dad has been forced to use cheaper ingredients to make cheaper meals. They never got their dream shop or their dream house. No wonder they’re miserable. But then Keith discovers Australia.

To Keith, Australia looks like paradise. And there are so many types of fish there, they’ll never need to settle for second best. But how can he get them over there?

A really entertaining book. As a kid, I really loved reading Morris Gleiztman’s novels. They were comedic and easy to understand, but at the same time I knew they were about something deeper. So I decided to buy all the books I didn’t have (but remember loving) and reading them again.

As an adult, I can only admire the way in which Gleiztman can tell a story from the eyes of a child but deal with adult issues in a way that is so graceful, poignant and touching.

This is a wonderful book about not letting anything get in the way of your dreams, and always looking at the positives in life.


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This is a review of “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer. It is the first novel in The Lunar Chronicles.

Cinder is a cyborg living in the city of New Beijing. It is many hundreds of years from now, and the world is a different place. New Beijing is suffering from a deadly plague. The emperor is dying, and there is no known cure. The Lunars are a eace of people who live on the moon. The Queen is ruthless, and will not stop at anything to get what she wants. And she wants to marry Prince Kai.

Cinder is a mechanic, and a pretty skilled one at that. She lives with her step-mother Adri, and her two step sisters Pearl and Peony. There is no one Cinder cares for more than Peony.

Prince Kai pays a visit to Cinder’s mechanic stall. He wishes to get an android repaired before the royal Peace Festival. Cinder takes the job. She heads home after a scary plague outbreak, and finds her sisters being fitted for their outfits for the Peace Festival celebrations. Cinder is told she’s not allowed to go unless she completes all the tasks. Cinder doesn’t really mind, she doesn’t intend to go anyway.

But then something terrible happens to Peony. Cinder is forced to go to the palace to “aid” in Peony’s recovery. It is here at the palace that Cinder finds out more about herself. And what she finds out is more than she ever thought possible…

Will Peony get better? Will Cinder escape the palace? What of the mysterious Lunars? And will Prince Kai still want to be her friend once he finds out that she’s a cyborg?


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