This is a review of “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. It is the third and final novel in The Hunger Games Trilogy. It follows on from “Catching Fire“.

Katniss Everdeen is back. And she is the Mockingjay. A symbol of hope for the people of the districts. The rebellion is in full swing, The Capitol is at war with the districts. After surviving her second Hunger Games, Katniss feels anything but brave. She does not want to be the symbolic Mockingjay. Peeta was not rescued alongside her from the arena, and without him Katniss is despairing.

With the help of Gale, Katniss slowly comes around. She realises the power she holds as the Mockingjay. Power that will help her to bargain for what she wants. And what she wants is Peeta’s safety, if and when he is recovered from The Capitol. The other rebels believe Peeta to be a traitor, as he has appeared on television asking for a ceasefire on behalf of President Snow.

Peeta is retrieved. But he is not the same. He is deeply changed and at times delusional. He has been tortured and coerced and has immense difficulty distinguishing “real” from “not real”. And he hates Katniss.

Can Katniss get the real Peeta back? Can the rebels defeat President Snow without too many losses? Who can Katniss trust? And who will she choose when it’s all over? Peeta or Gale?

My thoughts:
CAUTION: the following may contain spoilers. Do not read if you have not read the book and wish to read it in the future.

It was too dark. I mean the concept of The Hunger Games is pretty bleak, but at least the first two novels were really fast paced and held hope. Katniss is very depressing in this novel-and I know that’s realistic- but it didn’t make for uber exciting reading. I flew through the first two novels, but this novel was a bit hard to stick with. Too many people died! And favourite characters too. In saying that, I liked who she finally chose (though many didn’t) and I thought she made the best decision.


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2 thoughts on “Mockingjay

  1. TheObsessed says:

    I agree with you. Although the book is very depressing, I think that I was true to Katniss’s character. Great series. Very well written.

  2. I really liked this series – a refreshing take on dystopia. But I have to admit that by the time I was nearing the end of the 3rd book, I was ready for it to be over. I agree with you – it lost its appeal due to the dark, depressing tone.

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