Thorn Queen

This is a review of “Thorn Queen” by Richelle Mead. It is the second book in The Dark Swan Series. It follows on from “Storm Born“.

Eugenie has inadvertently become queen of Aeson’s old realm. It has changed to suit her and now closely resembles her home town of Tucson (desert land). This change has affected the people of her new kingdom. Eugenie hadn’t realised just how much. She sets about to help her subjects and discovers that young gentry girls have been going missing.

She also hears of a group of dangerous brigands that have been terrorizing some of the smaller villages in her kingdom. Are the two linked? Or is someone else behind the disappearances of the girls?

Eugenie’s relationship with Kiyo has been placed under a lot of strain. Maiwenn’s pregnancy is making Eugenie feel a little inadequate and Kiyo wants her to cut herself off from the Otherworld and remain in the human world for good. But Eugenie can’t leave her people to suffer. Dorian is still interested in Eugenie, not to mention all the other males wanting to beget their heirs. Prince Leith of a neighbouring kingdom has expressed a strong and unwavering interest in Eugenie.

Where is her half sister Jasmine? Can she find her before she gets herself pregnant with Storm King’s heir? Will her issues with Kiyo work themselves out? Can she find the missing gentry girls? And how to put off all of her suitors?

A great second book in this series. This book deals with some sensitive issues in a believable manner. Looking forward to reading the next book: “Iron Crowned”.


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2 thoughts on “Thorn Queen

  1. todays date says:

    Reading the third book of the Blood Coven. It’s an entertaining book about a twin sisters journeys to Bloodcoven.

  2. […] This is a review of “Iron Crowned” by Richelle Mead. It is the third book in The Dark Swan Series. It follows on from “Thorn Queen“. […]

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