This is a review of “Darkfall” by Isobelle Carmody. It is the first novel in The Legendsong Series.

Glynn and Ember are twins. But they are as different as night and day. Glynn is strong bodied, strong willed, practical, blonde and tone deaf. Ember is sick, weak, dreamy, red haired and a talented musician. They have made a lot of money by selling Ember’s music and are holidaying together in Greece. One night, Glynn goes swimming and is inadvertently transported to the parallel universe of Keltor.

Here she is rescued by wind walker Solen. Glynn fakes amnesia to cover up the fact that she knows nothing of the world she has found herself in. Solen has no choice but to take her home with him to Acantha. Here, Glynn works in a mine to earn enough money to find a way to get back to Ember who is dying of sickness. In her efforts to gain coin she is enslaved by the Draaka, leader of a religious cult. It is here that she forms a strong bond with a fienna, a small fox-like animal. This bond cannot be broken.

Ember however, in her effort to save Glynn (whom she believed was drowning) has crossed to Keltor as well. She is found by the soulweaver Alene and her two warrior guardians, the amazon myrmidons Feyt and Tareed. Ember actually suffers from amnesia. She does not remember anything. She forms complex relationships with Bleyd, protector of the mermod (heir to the throne of Keltor) and Tarsin the mad ruler of Keltor. Tareed believes Ember to be the Unraveller, a mythical foretold person from Glynn and Ember’s world who comes to Keltor to fulfill The Legendsong.

Can Glynn escape the clutches of The Draaka? Will Glynn resolve her complicated relationship with Solen? Will she discover that Ember is in fact on Keltor and not back home as she believes? Will Ember remember Glynn? Will she stay alive to be healed on Darkfall?

I love this book! It’s so complex and enthralling. As with many of her novels, Carmody really makes her readers delve for a deeper meaning in her work. The segues into plot lines from our own world are intriguing. It’s sequel “Darksong” is just as great, and I will be reviewing that shortly. I cannot wait for the last book in this series “Darkbane” to finally be released this year or next year. It has been a long wait!


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