This is a review of “Bloodlines” by Richelle Mead. It is the first book of her new series.

I am a fan of Richelle Mead’s YA Vampire Academy Series, and her adult Georgina Kincaid Series (reviews of those forthcoming). So I was eager to read “Bloodlines”.

Sydney is an Alchemist. An Alchemist is a highly trained human who helps to keep the world of vampires secret from the rest of the unsuspecting humans. Life as an Alchemist is all Sydney has ever known. But ever since her escapades with Dhampir guardian Rose Hathaway, (read the Vampire Academy Series for more info) the rest of the Alchemists are not sure where Sydney’s loyalties lie. Sydney is willing to do anything to restore her reputation. So when she is woken up late at night to be sent away on a covert mission, she decides to commit herself fully to the job.

She is to masquerade as a human student alongside a couple of vampires in Palm Springs. Everyone must believe that they are human, and it is Sydney’s job to make sure that no one suspects otherwise. Jill (sister to the Moroi vampire Queen, Lissa (Vampire Academy Series) has been sent away from vampire court to protect her from attempts from Moroi dissenters to take her life. She brings with her: Eddie, a Dhampir guardian and Adrian a Moroi royal. Sydney has to ensure that they all “blend in”.

But how is she going to explain her “sister” Jill’s aversion to sunlight, or her “brother” Eddie’s physical prowess? What is to be done with bratty Adrian? Why are Moroi turning up dead? And what about all these weird tattoos being given to students? Tattoos that are eerily similar to her own Alchemist’s mark…

An entertaining read! It was great fun to revisit the world of “Vampire Academy”, especially from the perspective of a heroine so different to Rose Hathaway. Look out for appearances from other favourite characters.


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