Dreams of a Dark Warrior

This is a review of “Dreams of a Dark Warrior” by Kresley Cole. It is the 9th novel in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Demon From the Dark“.

Long ago, Regin and Aidan were together. Valkyrie and Berserker warrior. Aidan perished. But every couple hundred years he is reincarnated and is united with Regin once more. Until his life is taken by a curse…

Regin the Radiant is a Valkyrie with glowing skin. She is a brilliant fighter, can influence lightning with her emotions, and has a personality as bright as her skin and as loud as her voice. Brash and tactless, she often gets on her sisters’ nerves and can be a little embarrassing to be around. Regin has always been a handful.

Declan Chase is a dark soldier. He belongs to The Order, a mysterious organization of mortals whose sole purpose is to eliminate all immortals and creatures of The Lore. He is cold, emotionless and hooked on drugs. A burning hatred lives inside him, stoked to life the day his family was tortured and murdered, the day he barely escaped with his own life.

Regin is captured by Declan. Declan does not know that he is Aidan reincarnated, but he knows that he is inexplicably drawn to Regin, a female of a species he abhors. Regin knows that the only way that she can save herself and her friends from certain torture and possible death, is to make Declan remember that he is also Aidan. But how can she achieve this? And can she do it in time?

A really good book. This is probably my favourite book of the series. It had more substance. The hero was far from perfect, and I liked that. He was a battered, tortured soul who had no real hope of redemption. And the heroine was just as imperfect. Loud and foul-mouthed, Regin is likable but is also a bit grating. Which I enjoyed. It made her seem real. Full of other richly fleshed-out characters, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.


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