Demon From the Dark

This is review of “Demon From the Dark” by Kresley Cole. It is the 8th novel in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Pleasure of a Dark Prince“.

Carrow Graie is a witch. A sexy, party-girl witch. She is captured after a night of revelry, and wakes up in a cell with a collar around her neck that prevents her from calling forth her powers. She soon learns that she has been taken captive by a mysterious organisation of human immortal-haters known only as “The Order”. They want her to procure something for them…

Malkom Slaine is a scarba. A demon turned vampire. He is fearsome, and trusts no one. After a few centuries of loneliness and constantly being let down by those closest to him, he lives by his own code: “those who betray me, only do it once”. He lives on a demon plane, a land named Oblivion.

It is Carrow’s mission to lure Malkom to be trapped by The Order. If she does not comply, they have threatened to kill a young witch-child in her care. They have promised to let her and the child leave if she brings Malkom to them. And so Carrow journeys to Oblivion.

But Malkom is not at all like she imagined. Even though they do not speak the same language, Carrow finds that he is sweet and thoughtful beneath his rough exterior. She finds herself falling for him even as she knows she must betray him. But can he ever forgive her?

I really enjoyed this book! The male lead was not dashing and debonair, instead he was unsure of himself. It was the woman who did the betraying, and the man who did the forgiving, which was a nice turnabout in a romance novel.


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