The Laughing Corpse

This is a review of “The Laughing Corpse” by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 2nd novel in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

The events in this novel take place a month after the events described in “Guilty Pleasures”. Anita and her boss meet with an uber-rich dude, Harold Gaynor. Gaynor wants Anita to raise a 300year old corpse as a zombie for him. Anita refuses as she would need a human not an animal sacrifice to raise someone that has been dead that long.

Shortly after turning down the job, Anita receives a call from Dolph about a police matter. She attends the crime scene. A family has been decimated. Ripped apart by an unknown monster. Anita suspects that this monster may be a flesh-eating zombie. The only person in town, other than herself, that is powerful enough to raise such a creature is Dominga Salvador, local vaundun priestess.

Anita meets with the priestess, she learns nothing of the murders, but discovers that Dominga is one foul person. They part on bad terms. Another suspect turns up in Anita’s investigation. John Burke, brother to dead animator Peter Burke. Anita decides to keep a close eye on him. Gaynor makes repeat requests for Anita to consider his deal. Another family winds up slaughtered, and Anita finds herself running out of time to solve this case.

Will she solve it before anyone else gets hurt? Can she resist Gaynor’s continual offers? Has she made a lifelong enemy in Dominga Salvador? And will she have to ask Jean-Claude (the sexy vampire she’s trying to avoid) for his help?

A great book!


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