Shakespeare’s Counselor

This is a review of “Shakespeare’s Counselor” by Charlaine Harris. It is the 5th and final book in The Lily Bard Series. It follows on from “Shakespeare’s Trollop“.

Lily has decided that it’s about time to get some counselling for the bad things that occurred in her past. Things are serious with Jack, and after undergoing a few life changing events, Lily knows it can only be for the best. So she begins to attend a group class for women who have been raped. Here, Lily does not feel quite so alone, and she learns more about some of the women of Shakespeare.

The counseler, Tamsin is nice, inviting and unthreatening. Unlike her stalker. Tamsin has moved to Shakespeare with her husband to escape a stalker who is intent on making life miserable for her. But when strange and horrifying incidents begin occurring, and culminate in the murder of one of her patients, Tamsin knows that her stalker is back. And he is pissed.

Who is this horrible person? And what the hell does he want?

A great little mystery, with a mind-boggling ending! Look out for Lily and Jack’s appearances in The Sookie Stackhouse Series.


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