Kiss of a Demon King

This is a review of “Kiss of a Demon King” by Kresley Cole. It is the 6th novel in The Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Dark Desires After Dusk“.

Sabine is a sorceress. A wicked, evil sorceress with a love of gold and a penchant for getting around scantily clad. She is Queen of Illusions, and only allows people to see what she wants them to see. Never knowing an existence other than one where she must constantly fight for survival, she spends her days with her sister Melanthe (Lanthe) preparing for her long foretold seduction/entrapment of Rydstrom.

Rydstrom is a demon king. Brother to Cadeon, together they are The Woede. Long ago his kingdom was stolen from him by Omort the Deathless. An evil sorcerer and half-brother to Sabine and Lanthe. It is his life’s sole purpose to win back his kingdom of Rothkalina and restore it to its former glory. He is on his way to aid Cadeon in a quest to retrieve a weapon rumoured to be capable of slaying Omort, when he is waylaid and trapped by Sabine. He realises that Sabine is his fated female. The one he has waited his whole life for. Pity she’s an evil bitch!

While she has him imprisoned, Sabine tortures him sexually, attempting to win from him a vow of marriage and his heir in her womb. But soon the tables turn, and Rydstrom has Sabine under his control. Will they continue on forever bound in a game of tit for tat, or will they work something out between the two of them? And how will they get rid of Omort? How the hell do you bring death to someone who is “deathless”?

An entertaining, raunchy read. It was good to see an ‘evil bitch’ get some page time from Kresley Cole.


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2 thoughts on “Kiss of a Demon King

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