Club Dead

This is a review of “Club Dead” by Charlaine Harris. It is the third book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries a.k.a The Sookie Stackhouse Series, and was the inspiration for Season 3 of HBO’s Trueblood. It follows on from “Living Dead in Dallas“.

Bill has gone missing. Sookie has to find him. She beseeches Eric for his help, and he sends over the sexy were Alcide to aid her. With Alcide, Sookie travels to Jackson Mississippi to try and locate him.

She attends a local Night Club, Josephine’s (affectionately dubbed “Club Dead”) only open to Supernaturals and their guests, with Alcide. It is here that she meets Alcide’s horrible ex Debbie and gets into a bit of strife with a local Werewolf Pack.

Bill notifies her (via cell phone) to stop looking for him and to leave him be, as he no longer wishes to be with her. Sookie, standing up for herself, believes she deserves better than a cell conversation, (and also still a little worried) continues to try and locate him.

She soon finds him, and somewhat against her better judgement, rescues him.

A good book, but as the reader I often hoped for Sookie to get with Alcide in this book. He seems so sexy and kind (if a little torn up over Debbie). I liked what Trueblood did with this book. They gave a little more reason for Debbie’s foul nature, and made the villains a little (or a lot) more villainous.


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