Dark Desires After Dusk

This is a review of “Dark Desires After Dusk” by Kresley Cole. It is the 5th book in the Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “Dark Needs at Night’s Edge“.

Cadeon is a Rage Demon. He is brother to Rydstrom, demon king of a lost crown. And not only has the kingship been lost, but it was all Cade’s fault. After 900 years, of not living it down and punishing himself, he is more anxious than ever to set everything to rights.

Holly Ashwin is a geek. A major geek. A working-on-her-PhD kinda geek. Raised as a human, she is utterly clueless about The Lore (the supernatural) and suffers from what she believes to be OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Everything in her world must be neat, orderly and clean.

Cade believes Holly to be his fated female. He has not been able to stop watching her since he first laid eyes upon her. Yet he knows that he cannot claim her as his own, as a human would not survive it. Holly, has had the suspicion of being watched for some time now. However, instead of giving her the skeevies, it somehow makes her feel safer.

Suddenly, life becomes a lot more complicated for Holly. She becomes a prize to be won by any Lore male. She is in immense danger, and needs to learn all she can about The Lore and self-defence. After being rescued by Cade, she deems it safest to tag along with him for the time being.

But can she resist his advances? And can she live without her meds? And can she ever learn to stop arranging things in threes? Or bear to eat things not prepared by herself?

An enjoyable read, especially if you just want to escape and be entertained for a little while.


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