Shakespeare’s Landlord

This is a review of “Shakespeare’s Landlord” by Charlaine Harris. It is the first novel in the Lily Bard Series.

Lily Bard is quiet and mysterious. She has moved to the small town of Shakespeare to escape a tortured past. She works as a cleaning lady, and likes to work out in her spare time. She wants to keep to herself, and lives her life accordingly.

She witnesses some suspicious activity late at night, and when it is discovered that the Landlord of her apartment is dead, she realises that she has information that the police want. But will telling them put an unwanted spotlight on her?

As the cleaning lady of her small town, she uses her knowledge acquired from her job to solve this murder mystery.

Lily has a wry and dry sense of humour that is very entertaining. This book is quite short, but it is a great series to read. Available as a single novel and in an Omnibus Edition, lovers of Charlaine Harris will thoroughly enjoy this series.


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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Landlord

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