No Rest For The Wicked

This is a review of “No Rest For The Wicked”, the 2nd novel in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series. It follows on from “A Hunger Like No Other“.

Kaderin The Cold Hearted is a Valkyrie who is well…cold hearted. Losing her sisters on a battlefield many, many years ago, to the evil Vampire Horde, has left her bereft of any emotions. What she calls a blessing, others call a curse. Until she meets Sebastian Wroth. A lone vampire who lives in an old decrepit castle, and who longs to die.

Sebastian Wroth never wanted to become a vampire. He loathes what he is. Dead inside, and constantly craving blood. He refuses to “drink directly from the source” and instead prolongs his miserable existence by buying blood from his local butcher. Each day he ponders death, until he meets Kaderin The Cold Hearted. And his heart begins to beat again…

Sebastian, intrigued and enthralled by the beautiful Kaderin, vows to find her and make her his, no matter what the cost. Kaderin, confused by her emotions slowly returning to her, vows that she will never belong to a vampire, a species she abhors. The two find themselves competing in the same centuries-old paranormal competition “The Hie” for a prize that could change the way history itself has unfolded.

An entertaining novel, with supernatural creatures, steamy sex scenes and love in the face of adversity. Worth a read.


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