Guilty Pleasures

This is a review of “Guilty Pleasures” the first novel in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

Anita Blake is not your average girl. Sure she’s a petite Brunette, but there’s more to her than that. She’s a Vampire Hunter, The Executioner, a Necromancer and a Preternatural Expert.

Working in an Animation Firm (raising zombies for people, you know, to straighten out wills, say goodbye, that kind of thing) and on retainer as a Preternatural Expert for the Police, Anita Blake is a busy girl.

Somewhat tricked into helping those she despises, Anita helps the local undead (Vampires) uncover a serial murderer. And it’s not just any murderer, this killer has been targeting vampires. Which is a pretty scary thought.

Aided by the sexy undead Jean-Claude, the attractive human Phillip and the cold but deadly accurate assassin Edward, Anita uncovers the killer and dispatches him neatly and efficiently.

This book is a little heavy for the first in a series, but is worth reading, especially to get through to the rest of the novels! Read if you like gore and hardcore with your supernatural fiction.


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2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

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  2. […] Robert and Anita’s frenemy (definitely more enemy than friend) Monica Vespucci (read “Guilty Pleasures” if you can’t remember the reason for the animosity). Everyone dances beautifully, but […]

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