Heart’s Blood

This is a review of “Heart’s Blood” by Juliet Marillier. This story is based on the gothic fairytale ‘Beauty & The Beast’.

The tale begins with Caitrin, a young woman on the run from the horrors of her untold past. As the book unfolds, snatches of her story are revealed. Searching for refuge from those in pursuit of her, Caitrin finds herself in a strange and remote village. Overlooking the village is a vast stone fortress. The chieftain who dwells within is badly in need of a scribe, and it just so happens that Caitrin is a master of scribing. She journeys to the fortress to enquire about the job.

Almost from the second she arrives, Caitrin notices that this fortress is a strange place, where odd folk dwell. She is not entirely comfortable with her new surroundings, but anything is better than what she has left behind. Slowly she begins to work on the task she has been set by the chieftain Anluan.

As she completes her task, she gets to know Anluan, and finds herself to be intrigued by him and his ancestors. The fortress is full of sounds and shadows, and mysterious mirrors that do not reflect the world around them, but something else entirely.

Invasion threatens the fortress, and Anluan sends Caitrin away. She is forced to go back to the place she came from, and must confront her own demons of the past. But a link has formed between Caitrin and Anluan that cannot be shaken off easily…

A wonderful book, from another of my favourite fantasy authors. There will be plenty more Marillier reviews on the way!


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One thought on “Heart’s Blood

  1. budowa domu says:

    Lovely just what I was searching for.

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