The Sending

“The Sending” is the sixth book in Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Series. It follows on from “The Stone Key“.

I was lucky enough to meet Isobelle at her Brisbane launch of “The Sending”. I spoke with her at length and got my copy of the novel signed. She was extremely lovely, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to be meeting one of my most favourite authors of all time!

I do not want to write an extremely comprehensive review, as an avid fan who has not as yet had a chance to read the book may happen upon this blog. So I will try to be as cryptic as possible.

The Sending begins at Obernewtyn, where Maruman is missing and Elspeth somewhat impatiently awaits the summons from the OldOnes who, at the end of the last novel, demanded that she return to Obernewtyn at once. To distract herself, Elspeth busies herself by making preparations for her journey to The Red Land.

As the days and weeks pass, she cannot help but wonder why she has been summoned back with such urgency, as nothing appears to demand her attention. But eventually she is called away on her dark and lonely quest, and she must leave without uttering a word of goodbye to any of those she loves.

She makes her way deep into the mountains with Maruman and Gahltha, fulfilling her quest. Along the way she gathers many unlikely and unexpected companions.

A book that answers many questions and fulfills most readers desires, “The Sending” is a thrilling addition to The Obernewtyn Chronicles. I impatiently await next years release of “The Red Queen”, the final installment of this series.



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