The sixth book of The Obernewtyn Series “The Sending” is now out! I was lucky enough to meet Isobelle Carmody at a signing of her new book. She was lovely! I decided to read the whole series from the start before I began the new book.

This is the first book of Carmody’s Obernewtyn Series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this series follows Elspeth Gordie. Elspeth is a misfit (think mind powers of X-Men proportions) and an orphan. The world is a dark place, and misfits are shunned. Little is known about them, and they are thought to be disabled and dull-witted. Many misfits are sent to Obernewtyn, an institution reminiscent of an gothic Asylum.

When Elspeth is sent there, she thinks that all of her worst fears have been realised. But she finds companionship and comraderie and realises that things aren’t quite what they seem at Obernewtyn and maybe she is destined for bigger things after all.

This novel is quite dark but is laced with hope and promises of better things to come. I love this series, I began reading these books for the first time when I was 13, and I have never grown out of them. It is an awesome addition to the fantasy genre, from a stand-out Australian author.


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